Brushing machines
Brushing machines
Sanding machines
Band sander machines
Coupling machines
Industrial dust suction

About us

Volber's history

Volber has a 40 years history, we start with structural steelwork and dust-production.

From 20 years we make shoes machines, Brushing machines, Sanding machines, and metal furnishing.

Volber srl
Cap. soc. int. vers € 55.000
via Martiri delle Foibe 42  - 27029 Vigevano (PV) - ITALY
tel. 0381 348238 - fax 0381.349890

R.E.A. PV N.121259
P.iva e cod. fisc. N.IT 00173890187
REG. IMPRESE PV N. 1895 -  N. MECC. PV N 1895

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